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Adam Khoda, Founder, Director of Production

The Elite Fashion Group & Never Forgotten Apparel

Adam Khoda has been an entrepreneur and leader in the fashion industry for more than 26 years. In 2010 he founded The Elite Fashion Group with his partner Rosario Vital, which is a full-service manufacturer and one of the few remaining U.S. apparel companies committed to manufacturing entirely domestically. From development to full package manufacturing, all production is done in their Los Angeles headquarters. Launched in 2018, Adam was inspired to start Never Forgotten Apparel after noticing that the disproportionate number of homeless veterans in LA has continued to grow since he was a teenager, and the lack of resources for them is heartbreaking. He made it his mission to start a fashion line that would donate a percentage of gross sales to local and national veterans associations. Additionally, fallen first responders like firefighters have similar challenges, most recently affecting a dear friend of Adam’s, which inspired the #10ForThem Movement. When you purchase the “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” t-shirt for $19.95, $10 is donated to Will Guimaraes, an off duty firefighter based in L.A. with a rare disease called Aplastic Anemia (often caused by exposure to fires).

An immigrant from Iran, Adam was only 11 years old when he and his family escaped their homeland and became refugees during the Iraq/Iran war. Coming to America and later receiving his U.S. citizenship is not something he takes lightly as he knows the value of freedom. From a young age, Adam had a knack for building fashion brands, launching HOOKA STYLE at age 13, which was worn by Dr. Dre on his album Concrete Roots. Now, many years later, Adam’s new Never Forgotten Apparel has one simple message: “Premium U.S.-made clothing for you, direct donations for them, OUR HEROES.” He hopes the rest of America will join the #NFAmovement to fight veteran homelessness and support fallen firefighters who have risked their lives daily to protect us.

Our Values

Living and working in LA, you meet a lot of people and do a lot of walking (unless you enjoy traffic). It’s pretty cool, but over the past 20 years or so I’ve discovered plenty of the stories we just don’t tell. Homeless veterans on the street, first responders without the basic resources they need to keep us safe, families struggling every day even though there are systems and charities in place to support them. I began to wonder – what can I do to get them the help they deserve?

I decided to make a difference.

What if I used my network to form a new company: one that employs American workers making American products and is dedicated to giving back to those who have given so much to us? Everything was already in place: workers, factories, and distributors working hard every day to produce premium American clothing. Most companies donate a small percentage of their profits to worthy causes. NFA is different – we contribute a generous percentage of our gross sales directly to helping heroes and their families live better lives.

Not Just About Profits

Here’s a different spin: premium apparel produced right here in America, from start to finish, and an unmatched level of contribution. Does that make our margins thin? Of course it does. But building this movement is far more important than building our bank accounts. We’re here to say THANKS, HEROES, in the best way we know how.

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Made in America

Every article of clothing is made right here in Los Angeles. We’re proud to be manufacturing affordable high-quality apparel right here at home.

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