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Americans Helping Americans

Your purchase makes a difference. Not only are your funds going right back into the American economy, we also give a percentage of gross sales to causes that are near and dear to our hearts.


It's no secret that many veterans struggle with the transition from military to civilian life. It's not always easy for them to find a stable job or housing - and we want to help. Our veterans deserve to enjoy the care and comfort they worked so hard to preserve for the rest of us. By donating a portion of our sales directly to veterans in need, we are able to make a direct, tangible impact.


We're grateful for their bravery in responding to the most hazardous of situations. Their primary goal is to save lives, which often means putting their own at risk. Due to on-the-job injuries, many firefighters end up taking early retirements and struggling with various medical conditions. We pledge to donate a portion of our sales to helping these heroes get the support they need.

We’re in direct contact with veterans’ associations, fire brigades, and leaders in Los Angeles and around the country – groups and individuals who already make their best effort using the limited resources they have available. They help us identify people and families who have fallen through the cracks in the system, so we can channel funds directly to them. No middlemen required.

It’s simple. A portion of our sales gets reserved in special accounts – never spent for any reason – and once an account’s reached its threshold we cut the beneficiaries a check. This process is audited by a third party accounting service. We're all about transparency so you can feel comfortable in mind.

This is bigger than just buying a shirt, although that’s a fantastic place to start. We want to help heroes nationwide get the support they deserve. If you know a firefighter or military veteran in your community who could use a little extra support, tell us. We can help you help them.