Protecting American Jobs with American Pride

Everything we make comes from American factories, and faces. There’s no reason to ship jobs overseas when we can manufacture high-quality products right here at home while helping boost our economy with stable, well-paying jobs.

It seems like a lot of companies don’t share that vision, though. People wonder “what happened to American manufacturing?” and the answer’s simple: companies got too greedy. They line their own pockets with others’ hard work and often let their products’ quality – and their workers’ conditions – slide in the process of enriching executives

We built a supply, manufacturing, and distribution chain based entirely domestically. Our knitting and finishing occurs right here in Los Angeles so we can keep a close eye on the process and improve things continuously.

This makes sense from every perspective. The more and better jobs we offer to Americans the better our economy performs. The more products we produce ourselves the less dependent on other nations we become. The less protectionism we need to employ the freer the market can grow.

Everybody Wins

We’re providing real, well-paid jobs for skilled workers who take their paychecks home and use them to support American families and businesses. And yet somehow? We’re able to both turn a profit and give back to America’s heroes as well. We hope more companies will follow in these footsteps; strengthening our nation’s economy and citizens.

It’s easy.

In fact, keeping our production and jobs at home is much simpler than managing an international supply chain that’s subject to import taxes and tariffs. This keeps our costs down and lets us put more money back into our ecomony.

And it just makes sense.

Never Forgotten Apparel is more than a manufacturer. We’re a movement designed from our very foundation to support all Americans by providing jobs for workers, support for our national heroes, and actively working to strengthen our economy the way it should be done: by proving that American manufacturing can be stronger than ever if companies do their part in making it happen.

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Made in America

Every article of clothing is made right here in Los Angeles. We’re proud to be manufacturing affordable high-quality apparel right here at home.

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